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November 7, 2006

Doing our part to help the blogosphere reach a much broader audience of readers.

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Since we first start playing with the Sphere It! app we sensed the potential. Not only are we delivering a tool to help bring the blogosphere to a much broader universe of readers, but we’re doing it in such a simple and seamless way that it’s just one click for the reader (and as little trouble for the publisher to hook in). When it quickly took off at Time.com we knew we had a winner. So, we started showing it around. And, everyone who saw it loved it. It couldn’t be easier to install (1 line of JavaScript!) and the results make for an enhanced reader experience. How our engine can do what it does so quickly and effectively never fails to amaze me. So, doors have been opening and eyebrows have been raising … lots of publishers are taking an interest and signing up, which is great news for readers and bloggers alike.

How it works is that a reader clicks on a Sphere icon next to a story they’re reading. That click brings up a small box of content and links to bloggers talking about that topic as well as related articles from the publisher and other blogs worth checking out. As a blog search and discovery engine this is where the discovery comes in and you can really dig deep into stories or get a broad overview of what bloggers are buzzing about.

We may be jaded (heck, we love this thing) but the feedback we’ve gotten to date tells us we’re not just blowing smoke when we say this is a superior strategy for integrating the blogosphere into mainstream media. In addition to the immediacy of what’s being delivered the results are also more comprehensive and less prone to spam. It’s a real win/win. The reader gets a richer experience and the publisher gets opportunities to expose the reader to additional related content (and get more page views in the process).

Check out the Sphere contextual widget by clicking on the web sites linked from our home page. And, let us know what you think. We love to hear from our readers.

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