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May 9, 2007

Chumby Sphere Widget

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The Chumby is a compact device that displays useful and entertaining information from the web: news, photos, music, celebrity gossip, weather, box scores, blogs — using your wireless internet connection. Always on, it shows — nonstop — what’s online that matters to you.

If you have a Chumby, you can now add sphere search results to your device. You can configure your Sphere widget to search for blogs on your favorite topics and display the results on your chumby! You can even show off your live search results by embedding a virtual Chumby on your website, blog or social networking site!

To add the Sphere widget to your Chumby or virtual Chumby:

1: Go to http://www.chumby.com and create a chumby account (it’s free!).

2: Log into your chumby account.

3: From the menu bar, select Widgets > My Channels.

4: Under “current channel” select the channel you want the widget to go into.

5: In the “categories” window, click on “News”.

6: In the “widgets” window, click on “Sphere”.

7: Click the “Add to channel” button and the Sphere widget will be added to your widget list.

8: Click “customize”, enter what you want to search for, and then click “sphere it!” (the default search term is “chumby” until you change it). Add as many searches as you like by separating the words with a comma.

If you want to create a virtual chumby, click “my chumby” and copy the HTML under “Add code to blog or website”.

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  1. just wandering…. what’s better, more dun, and more useful in your opinion….. the chumby- or a linux handeld???

    Comment by Annetta — August 15, 2007 @ 6:23 pm | Reply

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