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May 19, 2007

Forrester Knows Now Too

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knownow.pngAs if you didn’t already know this, Forrester has validated that consumers aren’t the only ones overwhelmed with too much “irrelevant stuff.” The analyst firm just released a new report indicating that RSS used within the enterprise is an effective solution. The message is consistent with what we see with our Sphere.com users and publisher partners who have deployed Sphere Related Content. People need help finding and focusing on the information that is relevant to them. They need to find everything that is relevant. They need to find it immediately. When we launched Sphere a year ago, our focus was on finding everything written on a topic, identifying the most relevant posts and surfacing them at the top of the results set and doing that faster than anyone else. We hear consistently from our users and partners that Sphere does a better job than all the other services in finding relevant matches to their keyword or Sphere It searches. We’re adding more crawlers in order to maintain our edge on speed. You’ll start seeing the impact of that investment shortly.

We also partner with KnowNow to service enterprise customers who share the need to find a comprehensive list of highly relevant content quickly. KnowNow is featured nicely in the Forrester report with a reference to one of their customers, Wells Fargo. If you want to see the report yourself, KnowNow is offering a free download at their web site – click here. Richard McManus, a Sphere Related Content partner, also wrote a great post on Enterprise RSS. If you’re a progressive enterprise customer trying to sort all this out, KnowNow is an incredible place to start the dialog – knowledgeable, hyper professional and they get it.


  1. Sphere team, thanks for mentioning KnowNow and our appearance in Forrester’s new report (Enterprise RSS Tackles Information Worker Overload). We invite everyone to download the paper from our web site — you’ll find it right on our homepage.

    We focus on bridging the information gap that exists between the people and systems that drive business. A key part of this is the delivery of relevant information to those people — a part that Sphere plays a significant role in, as described in the post above. Together, KnowNow and Sphere are solving some of the most challenging information management problems for the world’s largest organizations, and we couldn’t have a better partner to go to market with. Thanks guys — we’ll look forward to having you appear with us in a future report.

    Comment by Jamie Fiorda — May 19, 2007 @ 4:22 pm | Reply

  2. Looks like ‘Know Now’ are ‘No More Now’ – website has folded.

    Comment by Alex — May 24, 2011 @ 9:30 am | Reply

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