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July 30, 2007

In the ‘Sphere – July

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picture-18.pngBack from vacation and there have been several thousand new Sphere Related Content partners added in the past few weeks. Some of our favorite new partner sites to go live the past few days with our include: Zen Zoomies; Urban Casual Garden; Andrei Serdeliuc; Sheila Casey; Correlate; Collanos; Zoli’s Blog; Elijah The Prophet; Republicoft; Weblog Tools Collection; The Blogging Times; Market Insider; Pharmalot; The Customer; Agency Next; Tomato Casual; Wine Casual and one of the first blogs to add our new Political Widget, A South Dakota Moderate. If you don’t know these sites, give them a visit – it’s always fun to discover new sites using the Sphere Related Content plug-in. Thanks to each of these authors for getting the plug-in up and running so quickly and for letting us know.

We have lot’s of new publisher partner site announcements so check back this week to see an update 🙂


  1. Thank you for the plug!

    While I have your attention, I want to tell you something that I have learned about related posts and mysql database. You may have your techies check into this: You actually get better matches by testing on the subject/title only and not on the content. I read that while researching and then I tested it. I changed my related posts plugin, built the keyword table and tested the results on several blog entries. The result was VERY POOR matches. Then I went back to just running it by the post title and got back my VERY GOOD matches. I do not know the technical reason why this is so, but as I say, I read it (so someone else discovered it) and then I tested it. Your techies will love sleuthing this one out; perhaps they can combine both methods or use one as a default when nothing or too few are found.

    ok nuff of that!

    Comment by ladynada — July 30, 2007 @ 7:12 am | Reply

  2. I guess one good plug deserves another (double-entendre intended). 😉

    Many thanks for the “casual” mention and plug for my new blogs. Who would have ever thought one could launch a blog focused only on tomatoes?

    Again, many thanks.

    Comment by reggieCasual — July 31, 2007 @ 10:49 am | Reply

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