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August 29, 2007

I saw some eye candy in the ‘Sphere

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If you like keeping up with pop culture, celebrity photos (1 million+), videos (5,000+ hours), tidbits and scoops, you’ll want to check out VH1’s new site, VH1 eyecandy.

I’m a big Hollywood news fan, the kind of guy that buys the map to the stars home when in Hollywood. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m super excited about Sphere partnering with VH1 to connect their brand of entertainment news to conversational media. Just like technology, politics and sports, connecting entertainment news to conversational media is a natural fit, the blogosphere is full of great, cutting edge entertainment content.

I think you’ll love their new site. The narrator has the perfect voice for celebrity content. One of my favorite features is the site enables users to grab, embed, blog and remix photos, videos and news stories. This is very novel. It’s fun, it’s interactive, confident and progressive to let readers “slice and dice” digital assets.

Our team has worked closely with Jenny Fong and Fred Garver to scope out the Sphere Related Content service and implement. You can find it on any article pages, in the bottom right hand column. Great folks to work with, open to new ideas and the type of partner that just gets it. Congrats to the team at VH1 for launching a great service.

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