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October 23, 2007

Sphere Related Content Plug-in For MOVABLE TYPE (MT4)

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Congratulations to Chris Alden and his team at Six Apart on the release of their new MT4 Plug-in Directory. Chris offered us an opportunity to participate in the Plug-in Directory release and we jumped on it. We spent the past month creating a custom MOVABLE TYPE MT4 Plug-in and we’re excited to enable MT4 bloggers to add our functionality to their blogs. If you’re interested to add Sphere Related Content to your MT4 blog, just download this file from the MOVABLE TYPE MT4 Plug-in Directory here.

Many MT bloggers have already added our plug-in via a Feedburner FeedFlare. This release enables you to (more…)

October 12, 2007

All in the ‘Sphere – Get It Now!

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You can now get the Sphere Related Content Widget for just about any platform. Go to Sphere.com and click on the big “Get it now” orange button, you can’t miss it. Once you tell us your blog platform and some other useful bits of info, we’ll tell you the best way to get the widget for your platform (for self-hosted WordPress blogs, and a few other platforms, we have plug-ins, for other platforms we have detailed instructions).

If you’ve requested the Sphere Related Content Widget in the past, we really appreciate your patience. We’ll be sending you an email in the next few days with a link to instructions where you can get the widget NOW, or you can go and request it again and you’ll get instant access.

For those of you using FeedFlare, we’ll continue to support the fine products from our friends at FeedBurner, but you can now install the widget directly without using the FeedFlare. The main difference evolution vs. the FeedFlare is that it includes the Sphere Related Content Icon link plus it gives you more control over icon placement.

October 11, 2007

Alternative Search Engines in the ‘Sphere

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Since Alternative Search Engines (ASE) launched earlier this year, it’s become one of my daily reads to keep up with the energetic thinking and building happening with search engine optimization, vertical search engines and applications. ASE is a member of the Read Write Web blog network (RWW), started by (more…)

October 10, 2007


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I’m excited to update you with Sphere’s most recent launch on a major news site. We recently added Reuters as a partner, joining a list that includes The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, VH1, TIME, Access Hollywood, AOL News/Sports/Entertainment, CBS, Forbes, Market Watch, ZDNet and several more MSM sites and over 40,000 blogs. Reuters is one of the most well respected media companies in the world (off-line and on-line) and we’re truly honored to be partnering with such a venerable brand with the highest journalism standards. With Reuters, we launched three services:

  • Related News (related Reuters articles);
  • Related Web News (related articles from other mainstream media sites); and
  • Related Video (related Reuters video) – we’re particularly excited as this is our first related video launch, with many more to come.

Sphere related content is on every article in every section of the Reuters site. Here’s the most recent lead article from the home page as an example – CLICK HERE.

We’re very proud of the quality and relevance of our results on Reuters. Early stage companies always appreciate early adopters, especially when they’re high profile like Reuters. A lot of companies develop product and then try to see if there is market interest. We too did that in the beginning and that is partly how we developed the original Sphere Related Content plug-in. Since then, we’ve take a different approach, finding it best to follow the lead of our partners who understand their priorities and more often than not, put the best interests of their readers ahead of everything. Through our initial discussion with Reuters, we felt they were the perfect partner to apply our “content genome” technology to video. Reuters has a wealth of multi-media assets, great/ timely content and very good meta-data. The combination of those variables, along with the generous support of Alisa Bowen, Mark Goodrich and Mike Dehm is our good fortune in evolving the breadth of our offering – thanks to all!


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