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February 9, 2008


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A company blog is an odd thing. Often it’s just one voice that navigates the conversation. In our case, that role has been mine. Our team is diverse, global and has different perspectives on politics. Thus, our blog isn’t a tool for political discourse and we all know how dangerous that topic can be amongst a large group of people. Thus, this post isn’t a company point of view. But, last week we were approached to run an ad in our widgets for Barack Obama’s campaign. The campaign was called VOTE HOPE. We agreed and as always, I click on the ad to see what happens. This campaign pointed readers to a Video called DipDive. Every so often, something really grabs you in media/ advertising and you just want to pass it along – in that spirit, for inspiration, I wanted to pass this along: HOPE .


UPDATE: If you had a chance to click on the HOPE ad for Obama, you might find this one sadly funny, just click on this image:

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